Configure and manage Plastic SCM


有關如何執行 Plastic SCM 中所有類型任務的指示。

Administrator’s guide
Covers everything about configuring the server, installing, setup locks if needed, doing backups, archiving revisions, config files, and licenses.
Security guide
Learn how to perform basic security actions. This guide is full of examples that you can use to solve specific cases.
Version control for non-developers. If you need to work on a single branch with locks, use this guide.
This guide explains how you can customize Plastic's behavior. For example, learn how to enforce policies like ensuring branches follow a given naming convention.
Cloud extension
瞭解如何將 Cloud extension 加入到您的 Enterprise Edition,並且瞭解我們的雲端服務的運作方式。
Cloud Edition
瞭解如何使用 Plastic Cloud Edition 這一款託管的版本控制解決方案。
cm find
瞭解 Plastic 如何使用「cm find」命令查詢分支、變更集及其他類型的物件。
Learn how to do component-oriented development with Xlinks.

Git interop

瞭解 Plastic 如何做好 Git 伺服器和 Git 用戶端角色的工作。

說明如何設定 Plastic SCM 伺服器,才能讓 Git 用戶端該伺服器視為 Git 伺服器。
說明如何將 Plastic 當成 Git 用戶端來使用,並推送/提取至 GitHub 或其他任何 Git 服務。
Plastic for Git users
If you're a Git user, find out what stays and what changes if you move from Git to Plastic.



Graphical user interface
A reference of the features in the GUIs.​
學習設定 Plastic 以和 Jira 及 Polarion 之類的議題追蹤器互動。除此之外,本指南包含如何建立您本身與議題追蹤系統的整合。
External parsers
How to develop support for new languages for the Plastic semantic features.​​

DevOps with Plastic SCM

There are two main ways to implement DevOps in Plastic SCM: using mergebots or delegating the leadership to a Continuous Integration system.

DevOps driven by mergebots:
mergebot: the story of our DevOps initiative
Explains what mergebots are and how they can help you implement DevOps.
Add a mergebot to your repo
A practical example and tour through a working DevOps implementation driven by a mergebot.
Configure mergebots using config files
Explains how to manually configure mergebots without WebAdmin assistance.
Plastic SCM DevOps: Custom plugs
Explains how to develop plugs: the connectors between mergebots and systems such as Slack, email, etc.
Plastic SCM DevOps: Custom mergebots
Explains how to develop your own bots.
DevOps driven by the CI system:
A DevOps Primer
An explanation of DevOps and how it is implemented with Plastic.​
DevOps with Bamboo and Plastic
This guide contains a practical example explaining how to implement a DevOps cycle with Plastic and Bamboo.
DevOps with Bamboo: connecting to Jira
This guide expands on the previous example and explains how to take advantage of the extra info provided by the issue tracker.
DevOps with TeamCity
An alternative implementation of DevOps, this time using JetBrains' TeamCity CI system.

Blog highlights​

We regularly publish content on our blog. Here a few highlighted posts.

Plastic SCM vs. Git
How Plastic compares to Git.
All the software we write
If you want to learn more about the work we do and the software we develop.​
The story of Jet
Plastic’s super-fast repo storage. Find out why we use Jet as the default storage and why it is faster than the other alternatives.
CyberFlex - Jira, TeamCity, and Plastic integration
CyberFlex, one of our customers, share their CI implementation.
Track refactored code across files with Plastic SCM
It explains some of the semantic features in Plastic SCM.​
Using history to better explain branch differences
Delves into how Plastic enriches diffs with info from the file history.​
The history of version control
How version controls have evolved through the years.
Diff math
This blog explains some uncommon facts of very common diffs.​

The Plastic SCM API

尋找可建置 Plastic 以外的工具的選項。

Client-side REST API reference guide.
Server-side REST API reference guide. An easy way to automate Plastic.
將 Plastic 命令列自動化的 A C# 程式庫。


If you are a Git user, check out this guide

Compare Plastic SCM with other version control systems in the Comparison matrix.


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