High level overview

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What is Plastic SCM? Why teams decide to use it? What makes it really better?

What is Plastic SCM
A high level intro - 1:54
Why teams move to Plastic
Learn why many teams come from P4 and Git - 2:52
Short intro to the key concepts
By the CTO and Founder - 2:27

Workflow fundamentals

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Let's start with the underlying foundations

A perfect workflow
The philosophy for modern software engineering - 3:07
How we do Kanban
How we reduced cycle time with Kanban - 8:59
Mapping concepts
The Git/Plastic SCM/P4 rosetta stone - 1:59

Implement DevOps with Plastic SCM

Enter mergebots, our way to automate merges and orchestrate continuous delivery

Hire a mergebot for your team
Discover how mergebots orchestrate DevOps - 18:17
How we use mergebots to automate tasks
This is how we combine 3 mergebots - 1:46

Getting used to Plastic

A couple of quick and helpful tips to start getting used to Plastic SCM

Context-aware help
Yeah, we created a clippy - 0:57
New version notification
How Plastic tells you a new version is available - 0:19

Cloud Edition tutorials - how to get started

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Cloud Edition is all the Plastic software plus cloud hosting. Let us guide you step by step

Create a Cloud organization
How to create a Cloud Edition organization - 1:21
Windows installation
Check how to install on Windows 10 - 0:34
macOS installation
Live macOS installation - 0:28

Game development

Game studios favorites: big files, big repos, locks, GUI for artists plus the hard core branching and merging and distributed capabilities

Mass asset collaboration at Telltale
How a team of hundreds of artists use Plastic Gluon - 45:16
Version control for Unity
Find why Plastic is the tool of choice for Unity - 45:16
Unity: merge scenes and prefabs
Using Unity and Plastic - 19:46

Unity videos

See how Plastic and Unity work together better than ever before, with the Plastic for Unity Plugin (beta) and the Collaborate to Plastic Migration Wizard

Migration Wizard
Migrate your Collaborate Projects to Plastic SCM - 5:37
Plastic plugin, Gluon mode:
Discover the plugin workflow for artists - 5:12
Plastic plugin, Dev mode
See how the plugin works for developers - 6:34

Masters of Merge

Learn what makes the merge capable of automatically solving changes in files modified concurrently

2-way vs 3-way merge
How automatic merge works - 6:58

Videos showing interesting features

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Plastic SCM is a full stack. It comes GUIs and also advanced diff and merge tools

Diff images
Nothing better than swiping different versions - 1:32
Merge refactored code
Xdiff - merging moved code - 6:24
Diff code moved across files - intro
Quick overview of Analyze Refactors - 1:52