Cloud Edition tutorials

Cloud Edition is all the Plastic software plus cloud hosting. Let us guide you step by step

Centralized vs Distributed
Learn the 2 key workflows - 2:56
Create a Cloud organization
How to create a Cloud Edition organization - 1:21
Windows installation
Check how to install on Windows 10 - 0:34
macOS installation
Live macOS installation - 0:28
Linux installation
Watch how to install on Linux - 0:55
GUI fundamentals
There are only 3 key actions, make sure you master them - 6:23
First checkin to Cloud
Complete the first checkin and everything will flow - 1:38
Gluon: your first checkin
This time from Gluon, the GUI for non-coders - 1:39
Checkin and push to Cloud
The simplest distributed workflow explained - 2:25
Access the dashboard
Find the 2 ways to open the dashboard - 0:28
Invite users
How to invite users to your Cloud Edition organization - 0:58
Tutorial: first steps in Cloud Edition
Really detailed explanation of the first steps - 4:55
Intro to locks
Locking prevents concurrent changes on certain files - 0:45
How to configure locks
Setup which files need to be locked - 0:30
Locking tutorial
A step by step scenario using locks - 3:30
Centralized and branching
How to work centralized using task branches - 9:51
Work distributed with branches
A push/pull and merge primer - 6:54
Pro Tip: Use the filter to add files
Use the filter in Pending Changes to add only the subtree you want - 0:47
Newbie tip: how to launch on Windows
Can't find Plastic? We can help you - 0:17
Newbie tip: how to launch on macOS
Can't find Plastic on macOS? Don't worry - 0:20