How to configure Plastic SCM with Atlassian Bamboo

How to install the Bamboo Plastic SCM plugin

The Plastic SCM plugin is still a type-1 add on, so the install process is a matter of copying the plugin .jar file into the Bamboo installation directory and restarting the Bamboo service.

To install the Plastic SCM plugin for Bamboo:

  1. Copy the Plastic SCM JAR file <Plastic installation directory>/client/plugins/bambooplugin/bamboo-plasticscm-plugin-5.14.2.jar to <Bamboo server installation directory>/atlassian-bamboo/WEB-INF/lib.
  2. Restart the Bamboo service.
  3. Plastic SCM is available now in the Source Repository combo:
    How to install

Plastic SCM configuration and Bamboo service account

The Bamboo plugin internally uses the Plastic SCM command line client. So, the user running the Bamboo service must have a valid Plastic SCM client configuration. There are two options:

  • Option A

    Change the user account:

    1. Change the user that runs the service from "System" to another user account (Windows).
    2. Then, open a command line shell with the desired user account and type plastic --configure or clconfigureclient.
    3. Follow the steps in the wizard to specify a server and user credentials.
  • Option B

    If you don't want to change the user running the Bamboo service, an alternative configuration is:

    1. Create empty client.conf and plastic.workspaces files in the Plastic SCM client installation directory located here:
      • Windows: c:\Program Files\Plastic SCM5\client
      • Linux: /opt/plasticscm5/client
      • MacOS: /Applications/
    2. Configure the client by running plastic --configure or clconfigureclient.
    3. Follow the steps in the wizard to specify a server and user credentials.

Plan branch filtering

Branches can be filtered in two ways:

  1. Specifying an attribute name and value pair as follows: attribute_name=attribute_value. For example: status=validated which means that only the branches with an attribute named status with the value validated will be sent to Bamboo to create a plan branch.
    Plan branch filtering
  2. Specifying a complex query valid for cm find branch command (which is the underlying plastic command executed to retrieve the candidate branches). It is not mandatory to specify a plastic attribute in this mode. Two examples below:
    where owner!='john_snow' and date > '3/2/2018'
    where attribute='stage' and attrvalue='done' and name like 'JIRA-%'